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Cirque is Dead...

As much as I hate to say it, it seems to be the case. Maybe I'll try revamping the idea (or if anyone else wants to, they're welcome to it) sometime, but for now it's pretty much just dead. It pains me to end the first community I ever created (with the help of all of my co-mods, of course), but I was glad I tried it in the first place. I learned a lot about how to be a mod; I know I made a lot of mistakes. Hopefully I'll be able to put said knowledge to use in co-modding tenipuri_rp with wolfram003, which will start up in June, and seigakuonly_rpg with buttered_onions, which has already started. I hope at least some of you had some amount of fun here, and I hope to rp with you again in the future. ♥

RP Log 79

Characters: Inui, Yuuta
Date: 3/4? Maybe? >.>;
Rating: PG-13? R for certain references? No idea.
Summary: Inui finally reappears, and he and Yuuta angst together over different things. XD;

It was surprising how Yuuta knew that he just needed him there to hold and be held.Collapse )


RP Log 78

Characters: Oshitari, Jirou
Date: 3/1
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jirou decides the doctor needs a nurse, and dresses up for the part~

Just because the blond was out of the question didn't mean he couldn't tease the teen.Collapse )

RP Log 77

Characters: Atobe, Jirou
Date: 2/11, before the log with Oshitari
Rating: G
Summary: Jirou auditions!

Jirou knew asking about age was generally considered rude, but the curiosity was eating away at him.Collapse )

RP Thread

Characters: Everyone is welcome!
Date: 4/7
Rating: All ratings welcome? XD
Summary: Atobe throws a shindig (or is it a hootenanny?) for his employees, so everyone can get to know each other better, and to boost morale.


Yuuta wandered into the main performance tent, and blinked at the set-up. Atobe-san really went all out, didn't he? Of course he did, he was Atobe. Yuuta rolled his eyes at the thought, before making a beeline for the food. After grabbing a paper plate, he piled as much on as he could. It all looked so much tastier than the normal cirque stuff, and Yuuta had to admit that it did seem like "fine dining". At least, in comparison.

He ate a few large bites of food from his plate (with his hands, of course) before peering around the tent, and seeing who else was there. His eyes landed on Atobe, and he made his way over to the ringmaster. "Yo. Nice party, Atobe-san," he said casually, plotting ways to make the older teen slip up. "Music's kinda lame though." Honestly, Atobe was filthy rich and there wasn't a live band? Geez. Maybe they were late.

RP Log 76

Date: 2/4
Characters: Inui, Yuuta
Rating: NC-17? Maybe?
Summary: Inui rescues Yuuta from the spiders, and the two talk. The talk leads to discoveries and other activities...

Pinky promises are forever.Collapse )


RP Log 75

Date: 2/15
Characters: Atsushi, Yuuta
Rating: G
Summary: Yuuta meets up with Atsushi to find out about St. Rudolph's.

I don't really have a religion...not that the circus isn't like a big cult.Collapse )

RP Log 74

Characters: Oshitari, Jirou
Date: 2/11
Rating: G
Summary: Jirou goes exploring after his audition, and falls asleep in the medical tent.

Your hair is blue.Collapse )

RP Log 73

Date: January 8th? I think?
Characters: Inui Sadaharu, Atobe Keigo, and Fuji Yuuta
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yuuta walks in on something he shouldn't have...
Note: Atobe-mun specifically told us to write her exit, so uh...we did! XD; No god-modding was done without permission. :x

All of his instincts were screaming at him to run like the wind.Collapse )

RP Log 72

Characters: Inui & Tezuka
Date: Sometime after the last InuTez log and before Valentines.
Rating: G ( Oh noes! )
Summary: Yet another sake drinking session between the toast and Inui. Motorbike rides and deep and meaningful conversation ensues~!

Just for clarification - does that mean we're sharing a blanket tonight?Collapse )