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Cirque du Pot

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Many Prince of Tennis characters can do things that seemingly defy the laws of science. Why is this? Because really, we know they are all circus freaks on the inside. This AU rp is designed to focus on those special abilities. Atobe, the rich carnival master, has decided to hold a large carnival, complete with circus performers, audience members, food and trinket stands, rides, and other attractions! Applications are now open, and auditions are around the corner. But beware, the location of the carnival is cursed! Strange things may happen...

:: Mods ::

Name/Nick: Kendra
AIM/MSN/Yahoo: yuutanimals/-/-

Name/Nick: Yuki/Tobe
AIM/MSN/Yahoo: Atfushi/-/wolfram003

Name/Nick: Tazi
AIM/MSN/Yahoo: nerdygridbug/-/-

:: Rules ::

1. No God-modding.
2. Be respectful.
3. If you have any problems at all, talk to one of the mods about it.
4. No more than two (2) characters to a user at a time.
5. All entries above an R rating must be f-locked. If you're in doubt, talk to a mod.
6. When posting a log, please post with the characters, date, rating, and summary.
7. Please update at least once every three (3) weeks, and notify the mods if you will be going on hiatus.
8. If you have not updated in three (3) weeks and not notified a mod with your excuse, your character will be dropped.
9. Be creative, and have fun!

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